MAC Games Feed | aSmarterUGames The Fun, Free Games Portal for Everyone! en-us (John Smith) (John Smith) Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe Collector's Edition 2018-08-15 Katy and Bob are back in their 3rd adventure! Do they have what it takes to run a successful bakery? Game Details »]]> Fantasy Mosaics 30: Camping Trip 2018-08-14 Help Penny explore the camp site while solving colorful mosaic puzzles! Game Details »]]> Fear for Sale: Tiny Terrors 2018-08-13 Can you solve the mystery of the murderous dolls? Game Details »]]> Path of Sin: Greed Collector's Edition 2018-08-12 You are sent to a remote island to solve a simple case that quickly turns into a cat and mouse game between you and the culprits. Game Details »]]> Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic 2018-08-12 Solve the most magical case ever in this exciting solitaire detective game with 120 unique deals! Game Details »]]> PuppetShow: Faith in the Future 2018-08-11 Work with new puppet allies to uncover the true puppet master! Game Details »]]> SpellKeeper 2018-08-10 Challenge your brain and free all the butterflies in SpellKeeper, a unique logic puzzler filled with unexpected challenges. Game Details »]]> Detectives United: Origins Collector's Edition 2018-08-10 Three legendary detectives join forces to solve a horrible crime! Game Details »]]> Alicia Quatermain 3: The Mystery of the Flaming Gold 2018-08-09 Join Alicia on her latest time management quest to find the Sword of the Seven Seas! Game Details »]]> Viking Chronicles: Tale of the Lost Queen 2018-08-08 Discover new lands and gather resources with brave Vikings in search of their stolen queen! Game Details »]]>