PC Games Feed | aSmarterUGames http://www.asmarterugames.com/ The Fun, Free Games Portal for Everyone! en-us http://asmarteru.biz web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) Amber's Airline: High Hopes Collector's Edition 2018-09-19 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39052 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39052 Fasten your seat belt and take off with Amber Hope in a new airline game! Game Details »]]> Last Resort Island 2018-09-18 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39192 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39192 Create a survival resort on an island full of crazy ex tofu fanatics! Game Details »]]> Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne 2018-09-17 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39188 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39188 Uncover a conspiracy against the king! Game Details »]]> Vermillion Watch: London Howling Collector's Edition 2018-09-16 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39078 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39078 Can you rid the city of a malevolent monster in time? Game Details »]]> 1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Castles And Palaces 2018-09-16 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39185 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39185 In the latest 1001 Jigsaw World Tour, take a fantastic tour of various castles and palaces across the world while completing exciting jigsaw puzzles! Game Details »]]> Sweet Clouds 2018-09-15 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39190 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39190 In this fantastic match 3 adventure, help postman Jim and his plane Tornado deliver the mail in out of this world weather conditions! Game Details »]]> Myths of the World: Fire from the Deep 2018-09-15 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39186 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39186 Can you help stop an ancient evil in time? Game Details »]]> Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night Collector's Edition 2018-09-14 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39064 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39064 Use new vampire abilities to save your beloved in time! Game Details »]]> New Yankee in Pharaoh's Court 6 2018-09-13 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39176 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=39176 Travel back in time to the land of the pharaohs to stop an imposter from seizing the throne! It's all in a day's work for Sir John and Lady Mary. Game Details »]]> Beyond the Kingdom Collector's Edition 2018-09-12 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38780 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38780 Venture beyond the kingdom and solve the riddle of an ancient pirate map in this exciting time management game! Game Details »]]>