PC Games Feed | aSmarterUGames http://www.asmarterugames.com/ The Fun, Free Games Portal for Everyone! en-us http://asmarteru.biz web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) Legend of Egypt: Pharaoh's Garden 2018-07-22 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38807 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38807 Using the artifact of life, the gods created wonderful gardens in Egyptian land. Use your match 3 skills to make the gardens thrive one again! Game Details »]]> Hidden Expedition: The Altar of Lies Collector's Edition 2018-07-22 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38607 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38607 Find the double agent in H.E.L.P. before it’s too late! Game Details »]]> Mystery Case Files: Rewind 2018-07-21 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38803 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38803 Can you keep the past from destroying the present? Game Details »]]> Grim Tales: The Hunger Collector's Edition 2018-07-20 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38652 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38652 The killer from an unsolved case returns for more blood! Game Details »]]> Chronicles of Magic: Divided Kingdoms 2018-07-19 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38782 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38782 The peace in the White Kingdom is marred by the appearance of the mysterious Black Knight who has stolen your only son! Can you save him in time? Game Details »]]> Queen's Quest IV: Sacred Truce 2018-07-18 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38764 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38764 The fate of the realm depends on your ability to reunite the five races and remind them of their vows! Game Details »]]> Hex 2 2018-07-18 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38786 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38786 Make your way by clearing tiles as you jump your way to victory in this beautiful and unique puzzle game! Game Details »]]> Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 5 2018-07-17 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38745 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38745 As Cruise Director in charge, enjoy a truly sensational Cruise of a Lifetime aboard the fleet’s super luxurious flagship, USS Liberty of the Waves. Game Details »]]> Spirits of Mystery: The Lost Queen 2018-07-16 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38756 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38756 Can you discover the truth about the Queen’s disappearance and save the kingdom? Game Details »]]> Fear for Sale: Tiny Terrors Collector's Edition 2018-07-15 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38470 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=38470 Can you solve the mystery of the murderous dolls? Game Details »]]>