PC Games Feed | aSmarterUGames http://www.asmarterugames.com/ The Fun, Free Games Portal for Everyone! en-us http://asmarteru.biz web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) web.master@asmarterugames.com (John Smith) Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Morella Collector's Edition 2017-12-17 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36876 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36876 Save a missing family from an infamous haunted house! Game Details »]]> Redemption Cemetery: One Foot in the Grave 2017-12-16 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37277 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37277 After your friend is abducted, can you escape the cemetery? Game Details »]]> The Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz Collector's Edition 2017-12-15 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36246 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36246 Can you save the holidays before it’s too late? Game Details »]]> Dream Walker 2017-12-15 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37259 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37259 Venture into the dream world and save your husband from the wicked spirit of nightmares! Game Details »]]> Jewel Match Solitaire 2017-12-14 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37244 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37244 Return to the world of Jewel Match in this beautiful Solitaire adventure with 200 levels, multiple play variants, 5 castles to build, and much more! Game Details »]]> World Carnival Griddlers 2017-12-13 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37226 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37226 Fun griddler puzzles that piece together images with a bright and festive carnival atmosphere! Game Details »]]> The Love Boat Collector's Edition 2017-12-13 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37121 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37121 Join the Love Boat crew and relive the famous TV show in this time management adventure! Game Details »]]> World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 3 2017-12-12 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37215 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37215 Play 4 different types of mosaics puzzles and learn more about the greatest cities of the world. Game Details »]]> Myths of the World: Behind the Veil 2017-12-11 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37210 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=37210 Can you save your sister on the Day of the Dead? Game Details »]]> Witches' Legacy: Rise of the Ancient Collector's Edition 2017-12-10 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36919 http://www.asmarterugames.com/cgi/pc_read.pl?show=36919 Awakened from centuries of slumber, you must save the future! Game Details »]]>